Your plans are the true example of excellence…

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HPG-19192-1 – The Sherwood Lane

Dear Friends,

We got in early this morning to start sending the plans out for bidding and after reviewing the most recent modifications of HPG-19192-1, we felt we truly needed to take the time to write you this letter.

View HPG-1919-2-1 – 3.5 bedroom / 2 bath Craftsman House Plan

Your team has been such a pleasure to work with and we are blown away with the excellence and thoroughness of the work that has been done. The specs on how we want our concrete done, the span of lumber charts, the details on the cabinets, etc., is unbelievable. Your plans are the true example of excellence. That is so rarely seen anymore in residential work or even commercial work anymore! Hold your heads up and puff up those chests – share the love and kind words throughout your staff.

Thanks again!

Tim and Debbie C.
Developers, Lakeside at Cross Creek, Camdenton, MO…

Your plans are the true example of excellence…
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