We laughed and said, “It must be meant to have this one!”

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HPG-2500-1 – The Cedar Grove

On July 7, 2009 my family lost our entire home to a house fire. We were devastated!

It took us a good month to gain our composure and for reality to actually set into our minds. When things settled down we realized we were in need of a home.

View HPG-2500-1 – 4 bedroom / 2 bath Traditional House Plan

We LOVE our land/property and the area in which we live. We didn’t want to go and buy a new home in a different area.

We settled in a Rental property to get the kids started and in a routine for the start of the school year in August 2009. And then we began the search for a set of house plans that would work for us.

I told my husband to look at plans in books and online and to pick and choose some of his favorites. I would also do the same.

After about a week of searching we got our plans together. I had 3 favorites and he had 5. We started looking over them and found ONE of the 8 we choose was the same plan from the same online source.

We laughed and said, β€œIt must be meant to have this one!”

Hanna S.
Ponchatoula, Louisiana

We laughed and said, “It must be meant to have this one!”
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