I sold this house before I finished it…

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HPG-1624-1 – The Lynnwood Avenue

I am a builder with a new development so I looked for a long time before I chose a houseplan. I wanted a house that gave curb appeal, as well as being open and functional. I have the same problem that every spec builder has; the bank will only let me build one house at a time; so I chose this house out of TEN other options, so I could sell it quickly.

View HPG-1624-1 – 3 bedroom / 2 bath Traditional House Plan

I sold this house before I finished it.

Things are sure different now for building spec homes that people want to buy, so you have to really think of everything that someone could possibly want before you choose a plan.

I would definately recommend House Plan Gallery plans for any builders or families looking to build a home that is beautiful, functional, minimizes wasted space, and best of all, easy to sell!

Lake M.
Cleveland, Tennessee

I sold this house before I finished it…
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