HPG-0728-1 The Matilda

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In 2008, we bought a lake house that had everything you could want – except a garage. The lot is on a hill sloping to the lake and the house has an English basement opening onto the backyard. Because of lot line clearances and easements there was really only one way to fit a two car garage with a carport for our pontoon boat into the space available. After three years of looking at plans and talking to contractors, we decided to be our own general contractor (way more work than we expected), and use your plans.

The bulk of the work was completed over the Summer of 2012, with the interior being finished during the Summer of 2013. The three years of planning and research, as well as skilled sub-contractors resulted in a successful project that fulfilled our needs. Next summer we get to paint and finish the garage bay area, which now houses a sailboat, several canoes and kayaks and a golf cart. In the summer, those go into the water and get replaced by two cars.

HPG-0728-1 The Matilda
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