Tell Us Your House Plan Story!

Hello. My name is Mark Mathis and I’m the President of House Plan Gallery. Now a while back, you had purchased one of our house plans either directly through us or through one of our publishing partners and we just want to say thank you for your business.

We receive emails and phone calls almost every week from our previous house plan clients telling us how building their new House Plan Gallery home has really made a significant and positive impact on their family’s lives. We want to know your story.

So we decided that we would hold a contest where our previous clients just like you could send us a personal story of how your new home has changed and improved your life.

Now the concept is very simple. You can just write up a short 300 plus word story about how you came to finding your particular plan. What are some of the features that you like most about it and how has it changed your family’s life for the better?

Then just enter your information in the form below and you will be automatically entered into our contest or we will select one person to receive $750 in cash prizes.

Now for a few rules. Number one, you have to have actually built the home. Number two, the level of detail that you include with your story will be judged so more is better. And number three, if you take high quality photos and/or videos and send those to us as well, along with your personal story, that will definitely give you bonus points as well.

Again thank you so much for choosing to be part of the House Plan Gallery family and we sincerely look forward to hearing your story.

Questions? Call us at 601-264-5028!

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Tell Us Your House Plan Story!
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