House Plan Modifications – Basics

House Plan Gallery DOES offer complete modification services for our ENTIRE collection of house plans. As such, if you should need minor to major modifications to a house plan you find on this website, we can help!

If your changes are more significant, and/or you would like to utilize the services of a local home designer, you can still have your requested changes made. First, you would need to purchase either the “Reproducible”, “PDF File”, or “CAD File” plan package (which provides you with a Copyright Release and the legal ability to have another designer/architect alter the plans and make any necessary copies) from House Plan Gallery. Next, find a local building designer / architect / draftsman to make the changes. They should be familiar with the local building codes and able to modify the plans to fit your exact needs.


Before requesting a modification for your house plan, consider that many common changes can be made DURING CONSTRUCTION, without the need to modify the actual house plan documents. However, this is dependent on your local building codes and the flexibility of your local building department. You should ALWAYS consult with your home builder and local building officials to determine whether the changes you want to make are feasible, without having the design modified.

Commonly requested modifications include:

– Eliminating windows, fireplaces, false dormers
– Changing garages from a 2 to 3-car
– Reconfiguring kitchen cabinets for appliances
– Rearranging certain interior walls
– Changing ceiling heights
– Changing exterior surfaces (brick, siding, stucco)
– Changing exterior wall framing (2×4 to 2×6)
– Changing a foundation type
– Relocating garage door openings / adding or eliminating bays
– Changing garages from/to rear, front, or side-load
– Kitchen or bath layout change
– Changing an exterior elevation style. (Using the floor plan of one home and the exterior of another)
– Adding or eliminating a room. (This would involve changes to all aspects of a plan – elevations, floor plans, roof, and foundation details)
– Stretching house plans in either width or depth
– Adding a bonus room over the garage
– Reducing or increasing the square footage of the home

How to Get Started:

To request a modification quote, you should begin the process by sending an email to our modifications team with the following information:

Plan ID:

Your Name:

Your Phone Number:

Your Email Address:

Detailed Description of the Proposed Modifications:

Turn Around Time, Payment of Work:

All house plans on are our company’s copyrighted designs, and as such, you can rest-assured that all modification requests will be responded to as soon as possible. Our team may also need to contact you via phone/email to ask additional clarification questions, needed to accurately prepare a timeline and $ estimate for the modifications.

The cost and associated timeframe-to-complete your modifications is dependent on the specific house plan that you choose, the complexity of your changes, and the designer’s current workload.

Our modification quotes are 100% free and you are under no obligation to proceed unless you choose to move forward.

When you have received our modification quote, and you would like to proceed, we make it simple!

Just give us a call at 601-264-5028 and let us know that you would like to proceed with the modifications. A member of our team will talk to you about whether the “Reproducible”, “PDF File”, or “CAD File” plan package is the best fit for you. We’ll then be able to give you a price that includes the plan package, all modifications, any applicable sales tax, etc. and then we can process your order via credit card.

That’s it! Having house plan modifications completed is actually a very simple process and can provide a great value, especially when comparing to a corresponding fully-custom set of house plans.

House Plan Modifications – Basics
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