FAQ: Why Buy Directly From House Plan Gallery?

Now you might be asking. Why buy directly from House Plan Gallery? Well first of all, you get expert customer service and support. We’re specialists in all of our particular design styles. Again that’s craftsman, country, Southern, traditional, French country, European country, all those different things. We’ve designed over 300 different plans that we have in our current portfolio and a number more in our custom designs. So we know exactly what different features people are looking for and we can help you with that.

We have very quick turnaround and fast shipping. We’re a great source for alternative plan recommendations. As I said before, if you have several different plans that you like but you’re looking for one that meshes everything together, we can help you with that.

It’s very quick and easy to get modification quotes and finally, you’re supporting a US-based, family-owned small business. Again my brother and I, Stephen, run this business and we have since 1996. It was started by my father. We’re members of the American Institute of Building Design. We’re certified professional building designers. We’re also members of the National Association of Home Builders. So you’re supporting a US-based, family-owned small business.

Now I want to just go through a couple of different testimonials that we’ve got from some of our previous customers and again you can see all of these testimonials at www.mmlikes.com/stories.

Now this is from Julius and Melissa from Oak Grove, Mississippi and they built our plan HPG-2851-1 and here’s what they said.

“We’ve been looking for the perfect home design for quite a while and we’re beginning to think that our ideal plan didn’t exist. At about that time, we were referred to House Plan Gallery. Stephen and his team worked with us to understand the exact modification needs. No matter how particular I could possibly have been, the group at House Plan Gallery was willing to take care of my every issue and need to the fullest extent. Thanks so much to the whole gang for making my dream house design come true.”

Now this one is from James and Amy M. from Hattiesburg, Mississippi and they built our plan HPG-1800-B and James said, “Our experience with House Plan Gallery was a home buyer’s dream. We found a plan we liked, made the adjustments that best fit our family and never had a bad experience in the process. We’ve had people all over our subdivision and others as well as some people from out of state stop by to ask us about the house and where we purchased the plan. Thank you for making the home building experience magnificent.”

So if you want to see even more customer testimonials, we have hundreds of them on our website and again it’s www.mmlikes.com/stories. It’s just a shorted URL that will take you directly to our testimonials page. Some of the stories are really incredible. They show you exactly what was going on in their life at the time that they bought this house. There are a lot of videos on there, a lot of photos as well. So be sure to check that out.

Then finally if you go to our website, I want to show you how to find different things. First of all, you can always call us at 601-264-5028. Next, if you want to find a home, you can use our advance search form right here. Search by a number of different criteria and it will help you to narrow down a group of our plans that best fit your needs.

Next, be sure and check out the frequently asked questions section of our site and how to order. That will give you a lot of different answers to the questions that we have not been able to cover right here. Then also you can watch some of our house plan walkthrough videos. We’re one of the few designers in the entire country who collects house plan walkthrough videos of our plans that have actually been constructed.

So we don’t have them for all of our plans. We’re working on that right now but we have quite a few and so, be sure and click on that and go through and check out some of the videos that we have as well because they will give you a lot better idea for how that actual home looks when it’s built.

We hope you enjoyed the video and if you’re ready to build your family’s dream home, be sure to check out the hundreds of best selling and affordable house plans at www.HousePlanGallery.com.

Again this is Mark Mathis with House Plan Gallery and we look forward to helping you find your dream home. Thanks again.

FAQ: Why Buy Directly From House Plan Gallery?
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