FAQ: What Is the Difference Between House Plan “Broker” vs “Designer”?

Another common question that we receive is, “What’s the difference between a house plan broker and a house plan designer?” Basically the designers like House Plan Gallery actually draw and own the plans that you will find online and in the plan books you see at local bookstores.

However, many designers choose to market their plan collection through various brokers who basically represent many different designers and as a result, many different collections of house plans. They in turn market those house plans through a variety of different websites, print catalogs and magazines.

Now when you place your order through a broker website or plan catalog, they actually take the order and in most cases the plans are then printed and shipped to your front door by the designer.

So brokers typically have a larger and more varied collection of house plans to offer and designers only offer their own collection of plans for sale in their own website like www.HousePlanGallery.com.

Typically it’s always best to work with the actual designer of the house plan who’s going to be more knowledgeable about their house plans than would a broker be who’s representing many thousands of plans versus several hundred with a designer.

Now if you’re looking for a new home design, give us a call today and let us help you find that perfect home plan.

FAQ: What Is the Difference Between House Plan “Broker” vs “Designer”?
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