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When you’re building that dream home, granite is one of the most beautiful and popular upgrades in kitchens and bathrooms.  Recent reports indicate that certain granite products used in homes can emit radon gas, the second-leading cause of lung cancer in humans.  Some experts have even recommended that lung cancer patients, pregnant women, and small children limit exposure to granite.

Studies indicate that the vast majority of granite is safe, with the most risk occurring in exotic, highly striated varieties from Namibia and Brazil.  Take into consideration your floorplan and how much granite would be used for your countertops.  Limited physical contact with granite and a well-ventilated home greatly reduce the dangers of exposure to radon.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there are no regulations in place to test granite from any source, and there is no test that accurately measures the amount for radiation coming from granite in the home.  Checking radon levels in the entire home can easily be accomplished with a kit purchased from a home improvement store.

Nonetheless, Granite remains a very popular and versatile product for families of all sizes and age.

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Is Granite Safe to Use in your new House Plan? – Call 601-264-5028
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