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HPG-1900-3 The Sherwood Cove

Over the last 6 years, we have looked at house plans, bought house plan software, and visited open houses for new homes. There may be a house plan we haven’t seen, but it is doubtful. In January of 2012, Reba decided it was time to get serious and see if we could sell our existing house.

HPG-0728-1 The Matilda

In 2008, we bought a lake house that had everything you could want – except a garage. After three years of looking at plans and talking to contractors, we decided to be our own general contractor (way more work than we expected), and use your plans.

HPG-1870-1 The Williamsburg

Since we started building, multiple people (including several sub-contractors) have commented on the quality of the plans, including how complete the plans are and how accurate all the measurements have been. I highly recommend House Plan Gallery!

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