Looking to Make Your Home Impenetrable to Burglars? Find Out How Here!

Being the victim of a break-in is something that no one should ever have to endure. The sad fact of the matter is that over 80 percent of break-ins and burglaries could have easily been prevented with some simple and inexpensive safeguards. In fact, most of the more expensive home security solutions are often not worth the cost as cheaper alternatives can be just as effective. These handy tips are sure to give you a better piece of mind while also being easy on the wallet.

Ever Wonder What House Cleaners Wish You’d Know? Find Out Here!

ate cleaning your house? No one could blame you: There’s precious little fun in scrubbing toilets. Or wiping down grime-streaked windows to the point where your elbows are sore for weeks. And you probably cringe when you think about your living room’s floor-to-ceiling built-in shelves, whose upper levels haven’t seen a dust rag since Tony Soprano faded abruptly to black.

Considering Investing in a Home Generator? Learn More Here!

When we moved to the beach in Southern Delaware, we had lots of “future improvements” in our new-construction building plan. Living close to the coast, a generator made the top of the list. In the wake of Sandy, we’re so grateful we had the forethought. No one wants to show up at the home improvement center just as a hurricane is approaching, having to scramble for one of the 60 generators delivered that afternoon. There’s a balance to strike between electrical load and generator wattage, and it’s best not figured out on the fly. If you think you might want to run your house (or a portion of it) on a generator, take some time to do some planning first.

Looking to Plan an Urban Garden? Get Inspired Here!

In the last year, the urban gardens that have really grabbed people’s attention on Houzz have a number of characteristics in common. All are stylish, contemporary and maximize space for outdoor living. Many have calming color palettes, such as deep green, white and charcoal, and — no surprise — are expertly designed to carve out privacy in crowded city lots.