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About House Plans Expert - Mark Mathis: Stephen Mathis

Stephen Mathis is the co-owner of House Plan Gallery, one of the nation's top home design firms.

Stephen as been involved in the home design industry for over 25 years, and is a Certified Professional Building Designer (C.P.B.D.) and holds a B.S. in Finance & Real Estate from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Stephen is a Christian, married to Mellissa Mathis, and has two awesome boys - Parker & Hunter. In his rare spare time, he loves hunting and doing anything outdoors.

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Moving into your new dream house can be a daunting task. Between unpacking, cleaning and trying to find that stray roll of toilet paper, it may feel like you have lost your mind in a sea of bubble wrap. That is why I wanted to share with you five simple things that you should do that first month of living in your new home. These items may feel like back burner tasks but really, they will help you sleep better at night in your new abode and make you feel like your new place is less like a new house and more like your new home.