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Bathrooms need to be functional but depending upon the size of them that can be difficult. If your bathroom falls into the category of almost too small to be functional then take a look at this article we found on ways to make your bathroom feel bigger.

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Most of the bathrooms in the standard housing are small. Without expanding the bathroom, you might feel that it is uncomfortably restricted in size. If want to make your small bathroom look larger, you can use a visual style to decorate it.

Light color offers an illusion which makes a bathroom look larger. You should avoid dark color because they tend to make a bathroom look small. The background of the bathroom should have a cool color such as white. For example, you can paint the wall with light color. The towels and accessories in the bathroom should have a bright color.

To brighten up the room, you can install additional lighting to the bathroom. If you have an unused lighting from the garage, you can use it in your bathroom. Alternatively, you can also buy the lighting from a discount store at a cheap price. Wall sconce and counter lamp will bring a warm feeling to the bathroom. Expensive lighting such as Solatubes and skylights will let in more light into the bathroom.

You can replace the pedestal beneath the sink with a vanity cabinet. The cabinet can be kitchen countertop which is not used. The vanity cabinet can be used as storage for toiletries and towels. They can be purchased inexpensively at a store.

If the bathroom seems to be overcrowded with furniture, you can remove some of them. For example, you can remove wall shelves or hanging racks that makes the bathroom look smaller. If you need these storage spaces, you can find better alternatives.In addition, you should get rid of visual obstructions in the bathroom. You can replace a frosted glass bath with a clear glass bath. You can also remove the door and install a shower Curtain Wizard instead.

In a small bathroom, the shower stall takes up most of the space. If the vanity mirror is taking up space in the bathroom, you can move it into the bedroom. If you want a vanity mirror in the bathroom, you can use a small kitchen counter cabinet. You can paint the cabinet white color with a sink.

When decorating the bathroom, you must consider the color palette. A bold color should be chosen over primary color. The color of the bathroom should be in contrast with the white fixtures.

Dark color is suitable for large floor tiles. However, the color still depends on the color palette of your bathroom. To complement with your color palette, you can use a neutral color shade. If you install 16 x 16 inch floor tiles, you only have to use lesser tiles. Larger floor tiles give an impression that there is more floor space in the bathroom. The floor tiles should not be too smooth but slightly rough to reduce the slipping risk.

When painting the bathroom, be sure to leave 6 – 8 inches of walls unpainted on top of the wall. To create an illusion of height, the ceiling and the left wall should be painted with the same color.

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Want to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger? Start Here – Call 601-264-5028
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