Want to Make Your Kitchen More Energy Efficient? Checkout These Ideas!

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It’s important to find ways to make your home more energy efficient. This can be difficult to to without compromising your life though. We found this article with ten different ways to make your kitchen more energy efficient. We hope it helps save you money!

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From the article:

Use high-efficiency compact fluorescent lights.
Many people associate fluorescent lights with early technologies that produced bad lighting. But technologies have improved dramatically, and compact fluorescent lighting is about four to five times more efficient than incandescent lighting. For a high-quality experience, choose lights with a color rendering index of 84 or greater and a color temperature of 3500 Kelvin or greater, and with a quick-start, electronic ballast.

Look for Energy Star lighting (fixtures and bulbs) and appliances.
Energy-efficient appliances and lighting save you money and save the environment by reducing pollution and greenhouse gases generated by energy production at power plants. Energy Star lighting, for example, uses about 66 percent less energy than standard lighting.

If your plumbing fixtures were installed before 1992, replace them.
Older fixtures are water hogs, and many low-flow products function as well as their traditional counterparts. Options include aerator faucets and foot-pedal or knee-controlled faucets that let you easily control water use.

If your refrigerator is more than 10 years old, replace it.
Just don’t put that old refrigerator in the garage and turn it on—you will only add to your energy bill! Old refrigerators can account for about 15 percent of a home’s energy demand; of all household appliances, they use the most energy.

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Read all the ways here:

Want to Make Your Kitchen More Energy Efficient? Checkout These Ideas!
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