Want a Hot Tub? Checkout These Natural Looking Ones!

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Hot tubs are a great thing. They can help you relax and for friends to come hangout. If you love the idea of having one but not the normal big plastic kind then this article is for you. This article has 12 different natural looking hot tubs for you to dream about. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

If you love the idea of a relaxing soak in your own backyard hot tub, but don’t want a big, unsightly plastic and fiberglass tub, why not try one with a more organic look? With wood, stone or concrete surrounds (and some strategic landscaping), these 12 hot tubs complement their natural surroundings β€” so you can enjoy the view and soak in peace.

Curvy surround with sliding cover.

This innovative tub, which the designers call the 007 Spa Deck, includes cedar decking set into a stainless steel frame, with a cover that slides into place. The swoop of the deck echoes the roundness of the hot tub, helping the tub look at home in the landscape.

Low-slung modern.

A partially sunken tub like this sleek modern one is easier to make private than a fully aboveground tub. Here simple wooden decking stairs surround the tub on one side, while thick hedges and trees on the other provide a feeling of protection and privacy.

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Check all the hot tubs out here:

Want a Hot Tub? Checkout These Natural Looking Ones!
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