Want a Home but Don’t Have a Lot of Money? Build This one for $11,000!

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As apart of the American dream everyone wants to own their own home. Depending upon your financial situations though that could be more difficult. We found this article about a cabin that was built for only $11,000 by someone concerned about the environment. We hope it helps you move forward with your dream!

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From the article:

Good things come in small packages. And this tiny cabin, built in the Oregon woods for just $11,000 is witness to that. Think about it – you can’t even get a car today for $11,000 and here is a sweet little home for that price. Built from natural materials, many sourced locally, this home sweet home is the brainchild of Brian Schulz, boat builder. And it took him just a year and a half to build it in his spare time! This cabin in the woods, inspired by Japanese Tea House design, has everything you could need and the foot print is small. It sits on a 200 square foot cement pad and its components are recycled, reclaimed or seconds. Can’t you just imagine waking up in the middle of a forest in your own little Keebler elf house? Not only to experience back to nature, but to be a part of it.

Incredible stairs – built from local woods with log slices for the risers. The stairs are 2 x 10 fir from a log he found on the bay and milled.

Brian Schulz has clearly demonstrated that you don’t need a lot of money to build a sustainable living space – if you have enough ingenuity. By reclaiming and recycling, his costs were kept incredibly low. He bought every window in the house at the local dump, for a grand total of $40. He used fallen wood to create staircases, tables, railings and floors. His $11,000 investment was primarily spent on concrete, shakes and insulation. Not only is this house responsible on an environmental level, it’s warm, welcoming and functional. With a little effort and forethought, we can build homes that compliment our surroundings without using them up. Bravo, Brian!

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Read the entire article here: http://www.captivatist.com/modern-architecture/tiny-cabin-built-on-11000-in-oregon-woods.html

Want a Home but Don’t Have a Lot of Money? Build This one for $11,000!
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