Want to Be the Happiest Person You Can Be? Adopt These Habits!

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It can be hard to be happy. Life is hard and can throw curve balls at you when you least expect it. In order to help you become happier we found this article that we hope will help you become the happiest you’ve ever been!

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From the article:

I think of myself as the happiest person whenever I walk into a room, and most people notice my smile right away. Here are 20 ways you can find yourself as happy as I am.

Speak well of others.
The Buddhist notion of “right thought, right action” is an important one. It’s in the mind that negativity starts. By clearing your head of negative ideas of others, you will clear your mind of problems, worries and fears, and you won’t be tempted to gossip or speak ill and bring that negativity back to you.

Be in the now.
Yes, you have to do your laundry and clean the bathroom when you get home, but while you’re here now eating this cheeseburger, just enjoy the cheeseburger. Then apply this lesson to all other moments of pleasure and work—you can deal with the little stuff later.

Do not compare yourself to others.
As soon as you start this, you fall into a trap of ego, a grasping at the temporal, fleeting aspects of reality. Instead, think about what you have that makes you happy, or at least satisfied.

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Want to Be the Happiest Person You Can Be? Adopt These Habits!
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