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Traveling is something that everyone loves to do. In your travels these building should definitely be on your list as they are a sight to behold.

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Just like there are places that are so beautiful and amazing that anyone should get to see them in person, so are buildings that you should definitely see. There are many beautiful buildings all over the world but some stand out with their amazing architecture, their history and their design. We have made a list with ten one-of-a-kind buildings that you should definitely see.

Buckingham Palace
And, of course, there’s the Buckingham Palace, one of the buildings that should definitely be in this list. The Buckingham Palace is the official residence and main workplace of the British monarch. It is located in the City of Westminster and it’s a symbol of the British nation.









The building was originally known as Buckingham House and it’s the core of the palace. It was originally a large townhouse that was built for the Duke of Buckingham, from where it also got its name. Built in 1705, the house was acquired by George III in 1761. It became the private residence of Queen Charlotte and was later known as The Queen’s House. The building was expanded during the 19th century and three wings were created around the courtyard. After that, it became known as the Buckingham Palace and the official royal palace of the British monarch in 1837.

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Travel to See These Buildings – Call 601-264-5028
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