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Southern Style House Plan Features

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Copyrighted ImageHuge Porches, Classic Styling, and Large Family Spaces in Southern Style home plans…

There’s just a “magical charm” to Southern style homes that drives people to seek this style as their design of choice. Some people dream of stepping into a home plan that reminds them of an antebellum plantation, while others seek the coziness of a country-style farmhouse in the city. As one of the most-popular Architectural styles, the Southern home design appeals to comfort while maintaining their a level of quality and simple elegance.

A quick look at this house plan design style brings to mind images of relaxing outside this home on a warm, lazy afternoon. The large porches that are a common feature of the Southern style home are inviting and relaxing, and a lovely feature to come home to that brings the outdoors in and expands your living area.

Other popular features of a Southern Architectural style house plan include large, open rooms made for family living. Many of today’s Southern style designs feature high ceilings, large walk-in closets and plenty of room for families of all sizes.

The main living area of a Southern style home is unlikely to be broken up by walls — all the space is available for family and friends to be close to each other.

Another popular aspect of a Southern style home designs is the large kitchen. Since the emphasis in these homes is on hominess and hospitality, and the center of family life and entertainment often centers around the kitchen. Today’s Southern homes are built with kitchens that are made to be lived in. Offering family and guests “Southern hospitality” won’t be a problem in these generous quarters.

While some Southern style houses, built today, still have the feel of grand old plantation palaces, others have the feel of a more basic, traditional country home. In this case basic doesn’t mean boring or ugly, just that these homes are a little more relaxed, with long, wraparound porches and lots of windows to bring the outside in.

This less-formal style is perfect for the family with young children who want to bring the feel of a traditional family home to their busy modern lives.

Home owners and builders don’t have to live in the South to enjoy the beauty, grace and charm of a Southern home. These homes remain one of the most popular choices because of their versatility and classic style

Southern Style House Plan Features
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