Have a Small Living Room? Learn How to Decorate it Here!

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If you have a small living room you know the struggles of designing it. On where to put furniture to where to hang things. In order to help you out we found this article with 53 small living room ideas. We hope it gives you some inspiration on how to do your living room!

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From the article:

Welcome to our gallery featuring small and cozy exceptionally designed living rooms.

Owners of mansions usually have budgets for large and luxurious living rooms, but for regular folks like me, we have less room for living rooms (and smaller budgets). But, that does not mean your living room need not look terrific.

You can use simple decoration techniques that don’t cost a fortune to make your living room stand out. A few living room design ideas you’ll see over and over in our gallery are:

  • Pillows are an incredibly inexpensive and simple way to decorate a living room (especially colorful pillows that add splashes of color to a living room)
  • Plants (a timeless decoration technique to make any room look great)
  • Small corner tables with plants, lamps, etc. dress up a room by filling in the corners
  • Rugs add color and patterns to the room (many of the pictures of living rooms below use rugs with great effect)
  • Wall art is a superb way to dress up your walls (and it need not be expensive)
  • Carefully planned and well-chose color schemes is important
  • White furniture (white sofas and chairs look great… but they stain)
  • Sectionals and L-shaped sofas are an excellent seating solution in small spaces
  • Unique coffee tables (dark wood is popular, but modern designs also look great)
  • Large ottomans doubling as coffee tables (I like this design tip)

To that end, enjoy our gallery where I hope you find great design ideas for your living room.

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Read the entire article here:

Have a Small Living Room? Learn How to Decorate it Here!
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