Need More Storage in the Kitchen? Try These Ideas!

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Storage in the kitchen can be an issue depending upon how much space you have to work with and how much money you have to spend. We found this article that has several different ideas based upon different price points and different spaces available. We hope you find one that fits your space and budget!

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From the article:

Many people have the same dilemma in the kitchen: not enough storage or counter space. Not to worry; there are plenty of temporary solutions (at many price points) that you can even take with you if you move. Creating freestanding kitchen storage is easy and fun, and the perfect way to maximize your kitchen space. You can even get that kitchen island you’ve always dreamed of!

Cambridge Kitchen Island – $349
If your kitchen isn’t blessed with a built-in kitchen island, not to worry — there are affordable solutions. This is the perfect alternative to a kitchen counter, and it will give you extra space for storing spices and dishes. I know I could really use this for some extra food-prep space.

Home Decorators Collection Iron/Wicker Baker’s Rack – $139.88
A classic baker’s rack will give you extra storage for dish towels, cookbooks and more. It can also double as a minibar.

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Need More Storage in the Kitchen? Try These Ideas!
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