Need Help to Make Parenting Easier? Try These Apps!

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Parenting is hard work. No one will dispute this. Every parent could use a little help now and then. We found this article with 10 different apps that we hope will make being a parent just a little easier!

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From the article:

To say that there are a lot of apps available for mobile devices might be the understatement of the decade. At last count, over 140,000 apps were available for the iPhone alone; in 2010, that number is expected to triple. Parents searching for apps to make their lives easier could use an app just to help them sort through all the options!

According to frazzled moms and dads, surveyed via Facebook and Twitter, the following 10 iPhone apps are the best of the best for those wishing for a little (high tech) parenting assistance.

iEarnedThat ($2.99)
Created by a pediatrician and father, this app positively reinforces and rewards a child’s behavior (and, because it works for any number of children, prevents a parent from confusing who’s earned what!). A photo of the agreed-to reward for a particular task or behavior divides itself into a number of puzzle pieces based on how many days or how many tasks a child must complete to earn the reward. As the child works toward the goal, he/she gets to fill in the puzzle pieces. When the puzzle is complete, the child earns the reward!

White Noise ($1.99)
While the White Noise app won’t help you remember to purchase diapers or pay your pediatrician, it will calm your nerves when necessary. Many parents activate this app and place their iPhone on the dresser next to their child’s crib, and several swear by this method of getting a baby to fall sleep.

Dinner Spinner Pro ($2.99)

Dinner Spinner Pro takes the guesswork out of mealtime. Utilizing’s enormous collection of recipes allows users to include (or exclude) up to eight ingredients. The Pro version also offers shopping list creation; if only it did the actual cooking as well!

ReQall (Free)
A noted Best iPhone app by O’Reilly Media, ReQall is great for parents who consistently remember a to-do or must-have at the most inconvenient time. Voice activated, ReQall organizes tasks and information, plus it integrates with your Outlook or Google calendar.

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Need Help to Make Parenting Easier? Try These Apps!
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