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More homeowners are bucking the trend of having a manicured lawn in favor of more natural and ecologically friendly landscaping methods naturescaping and xeriscaping.  When building a home, look at the footprint of your houseplan and talk to your builder about incorporating one or both of these methods.  Both methods focus on using drought-resistant plants that require less water, fertilizer, and care.

Naturescaping involves using native plants that are allowed to go to seed and self-sow.  As they are native, they will not require extensive watering after the first year, and fertilization should be unnecessary.

The xeriscaping method uses drought-resistant plants that are not necessarily native to a region.  This can include succulents, ornamental grasses, and rock gardens.

New homes of any architectural style can be complemented by xeriscaping or naturescaping.  A rock garden and succulents can pair with a modern or contemporary home, while native wildflowers add a touch of color to a craftsman-style house plan.

Homeowners who can’t resist the look of a lush, green lawn can still lessen the impact by choosing a drought-resistant grass or using pockets of naturescaping or xeriscaping in extended flower beds or rock garden features.

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Natural Landscaping Around Your New Home – Call 601-264-5028
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