Love LEGO’s as an Adult? You’re Not Alone!

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LEGO’s are often thought of just as kid’s toys but there are adults out there that love it today as much as they did as kids. We found this neat article with some of their masterpieces to inspire you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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From the article:

Sixty-five years ago, deep in the basement of a Billund, Denmark carpentry workshop, Ole Kirk Christiansen conceived Lego; 560 billion pieces later, the company has defined childhood for millions of kids across the globe.


But for some, the fun doesn’t stop at puberty. Adult fans of Lego — or AFOL (pronounced “awful”) — is a small but passionate confederacy of builders who refuse to believe Lego is just for kids. One AFOL we spoke with says most in the community are “educated and/or intelligent, and have some sort of technical background.” Many are engineers, computer programmers, and hackers who have no reservation about shelling out $2,000 on EBay for an “Ultimate Collector’s” Millennium Falcon, or a rare limited-edition set. As Jamie Berard, Lego’s senior product designer, says, “Dad’s gotta have his toy room too!”

For the select few in the AFOL community, playing with Lego bricks has become more than a mere hobby: the best of the best have made a career out of it. But how much can you expect to earn as a Lego maestro, and what exactly does the job entail? We’ve explored three jobs — model master builders, Lego Certified Professionals, and industry “renegades” — to answer these questions.

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Love LEGO’s as an Adult? You’re Not Alone!
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