Love the Idea of Beverage Bar? Make Your Own!

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Having a place for beverages outside of the kitchen fridge is important in some homes depending upon the amount of drinks consumed. If you’d love one in your home take a look at this article we found on how one homeowner added one to their home. We hope it gives you ideas for your own home!

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From the article:

How to build a beverage bar: this is one of those projects that we all agree was worth it! This unorganized, cramped closet was really wasted space. It was a place for me to stash anything and everything that I didn’t want to look at or deal with at the time. This space is underneath the stairs between the dining room and hall to the kitchen. It was the perfect spot to create a beverage bar out of this closet.

Our kitchen counters are sort of chopped up so being able to move the coffee pot and supplies has freed up a section on the kitchen counters. The beverage bar will also be a great place to sit desserts when we hold family functions.

Here is the useless space before we cleared it out. This is exactly how it looked for years.

We bought the mini fridge and the slide in cabinet from Home Depot. The cabinet comes in different sizes so measure your space to see what size will fit.

The butcher block was purchased at Ikea. We drove to Charlotte and loaded it up. It was 6 feet long and was enough to make the top, a shelve and a couple of extra cutting blocks for my kitchen.

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Love the Idea of Beverage Bar? Make Your Own!
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