Love Architecture? Checkout These Amazing Homes!

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Looking at the amazing things that homes can be and look like is fascinating. If you share our belief then you’ve come to the right place! We found this article with amazing homes that prove that the sky is the limit when designing a home. We hope it gets your creative juices flowing!

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From the article:

Pictured: The world’s most spectacularly-designed houses that prove that nothing is impossible when it comes to architecture

  • Artists and architects have created these magnificent and somewhat bizarre homes in stunning settings
  • Some opt for natural materials like wood and water in their designs; others prefer bleak and grey concrete
  • Top 60 newest and most impressive homes from around the world open our eyes to how the other half live

These images show just how the other half live, and how architecture really is pushing the boundaries on home living.

Sixty of the planet’s most spectacular homes, designed by world-famous architects, some dramatically balanced on cliff edges, others almost touching the sea, have been pulled together for a Collection in Architecture Now! Houses 3 published by TASCHEN.

The homes have all been completed in the last few years and demonstrate just how different life can be lived when space, materials, setting, and environment are used in novel and interesting ways.


Looking for ways to make your home amazing? Then checkout this article with ways to make your home amazing that could be of interest to you.

For all the homes click here:

Love Architecture? Checkout These Amazing Homes!
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