Looking to De-Clutter and Stay De-Cluttered? Try These Ideas!

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Have a lot of clutter is a problem because it is very hard to find anything. We found this article that we hope will help you get out of clutter and create new habits to stay out of clutter!

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From the article:

There’s a bedrock belief among the clutter-afflicted that if they could only get rid of all the clutter, just once, the clutter problem could be solved.

It’s not quite so simple. True, it’s easier to maintain a decluttered environment than it is to achieve it, but there’s more to the problem than the mere absence or presence of clutter.

Clutter doesn’t arise out of nothing. If everyone in the family dumps book bags, briefcases, handbags and outer clothing on the living room sofa, clearing the sofa today isn’t going to prevent tomorrow’s deluge. Twenty-four hours later, the clutter has returned. Decluttering alone will not cure the real problem: the lack of family launch pads, and the failure of family members to use them.

Home, Home On The Range

A primary cause of clutter? It’s the homeless…mail, toys, or newspapers. Without a home, common household items wander, lose their way, meet up with bad companions and make the transition to clutter.

Establish good homes for your stuff. Newspapers may be folded and stacked on a coffee table before being read, then given shelter in a box while they await recycling. Devote prime domestic real estate to use as a launch pad for each family member: a location for purses, school papers, back packs and briefcases. Give paperwork proper files so it never has to huddle in lonely stacks on kitchen counters.

With a home to go to, good stuff will never become bad clutter.

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Looking to De-Clutter and Stay De-Cluttered? Try These Ideas!
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