Looking to Build Your Home on Your Own? Learn From Those That Have Done it Before!

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Building a home is stressful. Throw in the fact that you want to build it yourself you add a whole other level of stress. You save money by doing it yourself and it’s a good learning experience. If you are determined to do it yourself then you should arm yourself with information from those that have done it before. We hope you find this article helpful and good luck!

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WikiHouse is putting a newe spin on old-time barn-raising with a free online resource that lets people put homes together the same way they might a giant jigsaw puzzle. was designed as an open-source construction kit that lets people create and share home designs and then “print” pieces using machines available for as little as a few thousand dollars.

It is part of the effort by the WikiHouse collective of professionals who volunteer to give consumers information and tools about home design and construction.

“Two or three people working together can build a small house in about a day,” said Alastair Parvin, a British architect sharing his work on WikiHouse at TED gathering on Thursday in California.
“People continually get confused between construction work and having fun.”

He explained that while the shell of a home would be done it would lack plumbing, electric, and other inner components.

Aspiring builders have to get their own building materials, which can be cut into pieces by computer-controlled tools called CNC machines without any other tools, using data downloaded from WikiHouse, according to Parvin.

“It’s kind of like making a big jigsaw puzzle, “ Parvin told AFP. “It is basically magic as far as I’m concerned.”

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Looking to Build Your Home on Your Own? Learn From Those That Have Done it Before!
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