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With the push to be more green some people are wanting to be as green as they can.  For those of you that fit into that category than this article is for you.  Checkout these ideas about smaller homes made from straw.

From the article:

As everything evolves, the need for efficient designs becomes more apparent. Designers and architects are constantly exploring new possibilities in terms of materials that can help them build energy-efficient homes. It’s why we see all sorts of unusual designs, like recycled container homes or underground structures. Straw bale homes are also an interesting alternative to take into consideration.






Let’s take, for example, this lovely cottage. It can be found in Finland and it was built in a summer to serve as a getaway. It’s a small space with a shabby chic interior lit by candles. It might not be very spacious or fancy but it’s very relaxing. It was built little by little, with the help of friends and neighbors. The little cottage was built with sand, rocks, salvages wood, straw bales and other natural materials. It has cob walls and the exterior is plastered.

Since there wasn’t much space inside, the cottage also got a skylight window it’s a perfect addition that allows its owner to admire the sky, the stars and the moon and to see the raindrops falling on the window and dripping down. The roof was initially nothing but a pile of cardboard and tarp. It was mainly made of wood and had a waterproof layer.

The skylight window was installed at the end. Then the walls were lime-plastered and the remaining gaps were filled. It’s not exactly a perfect creation but it’s the perfect place to spend a few summer days when all you want is to clear your head and to get away from everything for a while.

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Looking to Be More Eco-Friendly? Try These Ideas – Call 601-264-5028
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