Looking to Sell Your Home? Keep the Kitchen Counters Clean!

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When it comes to selling your home there are so many tips out there that people like to tell you. One that you may not have thought of is to just keep your kitchen counters clutter free. For some ideas on how to do that take a look at this article we found. We hope it helps you sell your home!

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From the article:

Today’s kitchens are filled with all kinds of gastronomical gadgets, from coffee bean grinders to indoor rotisseries, yet design trends are leaning toward minimalism. That means you can show off your white marble countertops, commercial range and custom backsplash, but only if you put away the blender, toaster, chop-pow, phone charger, and well… you get the idea.

Here are a few ideas to help you keep your kitchen attractive yet functional.

Store rarely used equipment
Which appliances do you use the most? Chances are it’s not the ice cream maker, breadmaker or heavy mixer. Pare down what you tend to use least, and store those appliances somewhere else, such as a butler’s pantry, food pantry or garage.

Build an appliance garage
Many cabinet makers offer an appliance garage that can be closed when not in use. You can also customize an appliance garage to extend the length of the counter.

Consolidate your beverage area
The at-home coffee bar in the breakfast room is a great way to get coffee, tea, grinders away from the food preparation areas. Sugar, creamer, and lemons can be stored nearby in a refrigerator drawer.

Update your equipment
Make new appliances do double duty. If you have to buy a microwave, get one that’s also a convection oven. The new commercial-grade mixers also make pasta and knead bread.

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Looking to Sell Your Home? Keep the Kitchen Counters Clean!
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