Looking to Organize Your Exercise Equipment? Find Out How This Person Did it Here!

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Organizing can be difficult especially depending upon what you are trying to organize. In this article we found someone that found a way to organize their exercise equipment. We hope it gives you some inspiration to organize your own!

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From the article:

Part of my goal in 2014 is to find more balance, and part of that means placing an effort on taking better care of myself. Things like a better sleep schedule, a better daily routine, making time to eat better throughout the day and having the ability to step away from the computer to get in a quick workout. This past year I found that I was at my best when I would toss on my workout clothes and go for a quick run. Outside. But the winter months don’t allow for me to do that, and I find myself spending more time on the computer and snacking than getting active. Not a great combo.

We purchased a treadmill years ago, and it is something you don’t see make an appearance on the blog all that often because 1) it doesn’t get used as much as it should and 2) it is ugly.

This little update sure put a fire in me to want to run inside and make better use of that little corner of ours. I always say I feel more productive in a neat and orderly environment, and this is definitely no exception to that rule.


As far as a routine goes, I sort of just do what I have time for and what I feel like I want to focus on for the day. My goal is 15-30 minutes of some sort of exercise Monday – Friday, just to break up the hours of sitting I do on the computer, but any tips and suggestions from those of you who have mastered this already would be sincerely appreciated.

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Looking to Organize Your Exercise Equipment? Find Out How This Person Did it Here!
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