Looking to Install Moulding on Arched Windows? Find Out How Here!

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Installing moulding in the best of situation can be hard, let alone on a curved surface like along arched windows. In order to help you figure out how to do this we found this article that we hope will help you encase your beautiful arched windows!

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From the article:

Hi everyone! It’s Jill from the Rozy Home! I, too, am a remodelaholic. For the last three years I have been working non-stop on my home. Last year I spent a large amount of time, effort and, yes, money, on my foyer. After all, the foyer is the first thing you see when you enter a home. After adding board and batten (and then converting it to picture frame moulding) I decided that I needed to do something about my poor, naked windows.

For the arches, I had to nail the trim on. The angles/bending made it impossible to glue on. After a day of letting the glue dry completely, I began working on the corner of the arches. For this, I grabbed some old moulding I had in the garage and created a cornice-type piece.

Although I loved the look, the exterior side felt a little unbalanced. My solution? Head back to Lowe’s where I purchased more EverTrue, but this time I bought lattice. I glued it on the exterior edge of the trim and that did it. The trim was balanced!

As far as the cost… The EverTrue trim was around $2.50 per 10 foot piece and I used about 30 pieces (for doors at window). The lattice was $5.00 per 10 foot piece and I used 10 – 15. If memory serves, the total cost was a little over $100. Not bad for trimming out 5 windows and two doors in a room with 15 foot ceilings!

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Read the entire article here: http://www.remodelaholic.com/2014/02/how-to-trim-arched-windows/

Looking to Install Moulding on Arched Windows? Find Out How Here!
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