Looking for Ideas to Make Your Home Better? Take a Look at These Ideas!

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Every homeowner wants to improve their home. There are a variety of reasons why. Regardless of what your reasons are we found this article with 26 different ideas. We hope you find ideas that you absolutely love!

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From the article:

One of the great perks of working at Design*Sponge is being able to look into people’s beautiful homes and see all of the crazy, wonderful, and simply ingenious ideas they come up with. Here are 26 brilliant ideas, gleaned from some of our favorite spaces, that will simplify your life, satisfy your budget, and add flavor to your home. —Max

Fill an out-of-commission fireplace with painted logs…

Cinder blocks: They hold your bed up and store your shoes!

Display art books, children’s stories, and cookbooks cover-out on shallow wall shelves.

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Checkout all the ideas here: http://www.designsponge.com/2013/08/26-ingenious-ideas-for-your-home.html

Looking for Ideas to Make Your Home Better? Take a Look at These Ideas!
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