Looking for the Hottest Architecture Trends of 2014? Check Them Out Here!

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If you’re planning on building a new home in the near future then you probably want to build a house that not only fits your family’s need but is also timeless. We found this article with the 10 hottest architecture trends of 2014. We hope it helps you find your dream home!

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From the article:

In this article we’ll bring to you ten heavy hitting architectural trends and give reasons why they’ll continue to grow in strength in 2014.

Designing for Relaxation
It has been said that the living of today are exposed to more information in one day (content of the New York Times) than an average person in the 17th century is exposed to in their entire lifetime. One could argue that the type of information a person of the 17th century was exposed to is of a different kind of information in which most of us today would be blind to; but let’s focus in on the principle of information overload.

The fact is that most people don’t know how to organize and process the sheer volumes of information they face everyday; what’s important and what isn’t; etc. It’s for this very reason more and more people are turning an area of their home into a place of retreat; a place to relax and unwind. The most popular choice in 2014 is the home spa; a place where one can escape to and unwind.

The home spa industry is growing at a healthy rate. In quarter four of 2013, it grew by 10% compared to the same quarter the previous year. It just so happens I’m a statistician by education, but it doesn’t take a statistician to tell you that a 10% increase is significant and shouldn’t be brushed aside. The home spa industry is healthy and will continue to be a favorite in architectural design in 2014.

Further evidence of this trend can be demonstrated through new builds in the United States. Over 50% of new builds are now equipped with a whirlpool bath.

Kitchens: Hub of the Home
This is one which we particularly like; the kitchen being the focal point of the home. No longer will the kitchen be that room which is built in the dark recesses of the house – Now it’s being elevated to center stage. The kitchen is set to be the room in the house which is being used for more than just cooking. We are seeing it being used as a place to think, study and work in addition to whole range of other multitasking uses.

It’s a similar dynamic to the flex home, but more specific. Having the kitchen as the hive of activity within the house is great for bringing the family together and strengthening relationships. It’s the trend for 2014 which should continue for years to come.

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Looking for the Hottest Architecture Trends of 2014? Check Them Out Here!
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