Looking for a Home That is a 1950’s Time Capsule? Check This Home Out!

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When most people think of homes stuck in the 1950’s they think yuck. This is understandable as style has changed and most people don’t maintain their homes very well. In order to help you through these two normal thoughts we found this article from HGTV that will probably change your mind!

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From the article:

A gem like you’ve never seen! A 96-year-old Toronto resident is selling what we at could only call a tour de force: her home of 72 years, lovingly and impeccably decorated wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, in the 1950s and ’60s. For the record, we wouldn’t change a thing.

Located in the West Toronto neighbourhood of Bloor West Village, this 1940s home listed at $699,000 isn’t particularly remarkable from the outside…
…and then, the journey begins.
What we find inside is a veritable tour de force.

Every inch of the 2-story detached home is decorated in perfect style — for 1965.

Metallic wallpaper, modern baroque prints, colourful broadloom, and neo-ornate splendor abounds!

The home is in pristine condition, having been lovingly maintained for 72 years by the home owner and her family.

Despite her 96 years, she has continued to maintain the home on her own in recent years.

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Looking for a Home That is a 1950’s Time Capsule? Check This Home Out!
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