Looking to Design Your Child’s Bedroom? Checkout These Ideas!

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Designing your child’s room can be difficult. You want something that will grow with your child so it isn’t a complete waste of money and something that they will actually like. In order to help you out we found this article with 23 different children’s room designs. We hope we find some design ideas that you and your child will love!

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Adjustable Plexiglas shelves keep everything in this workspace handy but out of the way.

Personalize the look
For kids’ changing tastes, inexpensive style is the way to go. In this teen boy’s room, the album headboard is made of plywood, plexiglass, and vintage album covers found at a recycled books store. The window shade is from Ikea, dressed up with vinyl decals from BLIK Surface Graphics. Customization tip: The plexiglass face on the album headboard can easily be removed to change the album art or insert photos or fabric.

Hide what you rarely use
Any unused space is fair game for storage. Drawers on casters conceal seldom-used items under the bed. They also work well for storing toys in a cramped room.

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Looking to Design Your Child’s Bedroom? Checkout These Ideas!
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