Looking to Decorate Your Home With Your Significant Other? Learn How to Do it Without Fighting!

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Decorating can be hard enough. Decorating with another person, particularly one of the opposite sex can be extremely challenging. In order to make sure that you’re still in love and friends by the time the decorating is over we found this article with different ideas to try. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

Gender equality. Not the first two words that come to mind when you’re thinking about home decor. Even though he likes lazy-boys and you like vintage florals there there is hope — you can find furniture and home decorations that represent both of your styles and look great with minimal pointless bickering.

Obviously I’m generalizing a bit here — not all men love leather couches and not all women love pink drapes, but I have noticed a few things that make building a home with a significant other of competing tastes less painful.

Choose a color palette TOGETHER.
You need 3 to 5 colors, both warm and cool tones for balance. Warm and cool tones, you ask?

The color wheel is divided with cold tones on the left and warm tones on the right. (Even if you’re not moving in with a significant other a room should always be balanced with both tones.) A lot of men I’ve worked for have gravitated toward colder, darker tones — blacks, greys and blues. But hold on, Zorro, because if your space is only these colors then it will feel very cold. Warmer colors (reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, browns, etc.) make a room feel cozy and inviting and less like a cave. And remember: leather, wood and brass/gold can act as your brown and instantly bring in a ton of warmth. You don’t attain balance by having hot pink everywhere.

Create a Pin board.

This may seem obvious, but it’s truly the best way to see your favorite rooms together and see how they look. Troll the internet for inspiration. Tip: instead of just Googling “blue living room,” Google “blue living room elle decor” or “blue living room vogue.” It’s easy to turn up a lot of crap blue living rooms but if you put a good magazine afterwards then you’ll get WAY better and more inspirational photos of houses you might actually like to live in.

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Looking to Decorate Your Home With Your Significant Other? Learn How to Do it Without Fighting!
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