Looking for Clever Updates to Make to Your Home? Take a Look at These!

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Updating your home to take advantage of wasted space and to include life hacks is just good sense. In order to give you some ideas we found this article with 33 different ideas. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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From the article:

Recessed outlets mean that your furniture can actually sit up against the wall.

Give your appliances an expensive-looking makeover with stainless steel contact paper.

If your garage is adjacent to your kitchen or pantry, insert a small door for a super easy way to load groceries.

Instead of bunk beds, opt for space-saving murphy beds in a kids’ room or guest room.

Light up your front or back porch with a chandelier.

Install a slide-away “step” in your bathroom baseboard to solve your short person problems.
You can just slide it away when not in use instead of constantly tripping over the stool.

Build drawers in wasted space between studs in the wall.

Apply stone or tile to the siding of the foundation of your home.
Because the outside of your home should be just as pretty as the inside.

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Read the entire article here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/insanely-clever-upgrades-you-should-make-to-your-home

Looking for Clever Updates to Make to Your Home? Take a Look at These!
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