Looking for the Best Decor Trends of 2013? Look no Further!

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If you’re looking to redesign your home you might be considering including some of the best decorating trends of 2013. If that’s the case then you’ve come to the right place! This article includes the top 10 home decor trends of the year. Hopefully you’ll find something in it that will help you design your home!

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From the article:

Wood Became Even More Ingrained
Natural-looking wood grains appeared in more than just floorboards. Blonder woods showed up in kitchen cabinets and butcher block counters, offering a light, modern feel while still adding a homey comfort that white or steel can’t match. As one custom cabinet business owner noted, customers wanted clean lines coupled with a sense of craftsmanship.

The Farmhouse Utility Sink
A large sink used to be a farmhouse workhorse, and today’s trends have cycled back to the deep, double sink with clean lines and classic usage. This design often comes in under-counter or apron styles. The trend has been building for a few years and accelerated in 2013.

Furniture, Not Architecture
Flexibility in furniture was key, Schmitz said, with pieces that could be shifted, moved and customized, rather than built into an existing room. Kitchen islands expanded like dining room tables for laid-back family gatherings. And multifunctional pieces weren’t just reserved for smaller rooms. They helped make a large area feel cozier, with more room for, say, an ottoman — especially one that also includes some storage.

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Looking for the Best Decor Trends of 2013? Look no Further!
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