Learn How to Sell Your Home in a Sketchy Neighborhood!

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Trying to sell a home is hard. With so many factors influencing buyers’ decisions no one wants the neighborhood they live to be a deterrent. If you have a home in a not so great area and you’re looking to sell your home in the near future then this article is for you. We hope it helps you sell your home fast and for more money that you thought you could!

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From the article:

Prepare your house with security features
If you live in a city with particularly notorious crime problems, selling safety isn’t exactly easy to do. This makes ADT in Chicago, Illinois one of the most popular choices for sellers when outfitting a home with a ready-to-go system. Even if you invest in only the wiring installation, taking the steps to lay the groundwork for a safer habitat can convince buyers that your home is the safest on the block.

Also consider how you can improve your home’s curb appeal with adequate fencing. White picket fences might be charming, but they do little to fend off home invasion. However, cheaper alternatives such as chain link and wire fencing can err too far on the side of usefulness without considering aesthetic appeal. One of the best choices for these instances are fences of weather-resistant wood or imitation wood in the form of vinyl. For the best security, these should be of a close-board construction and rise up to at least 5 feet (although make sure to stick within local zoning codes.)

Finally, you can boost the security of your home from the curb by providing sufficient lighting. This is especially important if you anticipate showing off your property in the afternoon or evening. It can leave a great lasting impression with potential buyers if you keep lights on the property as soon as it becomes dim outside. Well-lit properties conveys safety, warmth, and transparency – even if you’re living in a neighborhood that is less than ideal. To really impress, try installing your porch lighting with a motion sensor to light up to greet your buyers as they arrive.

While selling in a bad neighborhood is always a hard sell, it doesn’t necessarily have to be impossible. In addition to creating an inviting environment, also convey how safe your property is by following these steps. What else would you recommend for sellers dealing in sketchy neighborhoods in order to more successfully assure buyers of the safety of their properties?

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Read the entire article here: http://naomib.realtytimes.com/advicefromagents1/item/26931-how-to-sell-safety-in-a-bad-neighborhood

Learn How to Sell Your Home in a Sketchy Neighborhood!
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