Kids Have a Lot of Art Work? Learn How to Sort and Store it Here!

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Kids like to create art. Knowing what to do with it after they’ve created it isn’t always easy. In order to help you figure that out we found this article. We hope it will help you determine what to do with their masterpieces!

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From the article:

You love your kid’s art―you really do. But when the school floods your home with a deluge of drawings at this time of year, you can easily feel overwhelmed. Pint-size Pollock or not, your child needs you to celebrate her artistic endeavors. This will send a clear message that you’re proud of your child, which boosts her self-esteem. But what do you do with all the art? Here’s a system to help you sort, save, and surrender your child’s artwork.

Hang It
One of the most basic things you can do to save time and little egos is to establish a mini-museum now. As fresh pieces trickle in from school, take down older installations that your child has grown less attached to. Try stringing a clothesline across your child’s room or the playroom and hanging art from clothespins. Rotation is easy, the clothesline isn’t permanent, and clothespins won’t damage the artwork with holes.

Sort It

  • Plan to winnow at the end of the school year, or more often if you have more children. Until then keep art that’s not on display in a portfolio.
  • Keep handy an oversize portfolio, mailing tubes and labels, your address book, a pen, a marker, and a wastebasket.
  • Clear away clutter and dust from the area you’re working in.
  • Make four piles: one for display, one for storage, one to send, and one for the trash.

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Kids Have a Lot of Art Work? Learn How to Sort and Store it Here!
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