Interested in Having a Different Home in the Future? Checkout This Idea!

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For some people that standard house is just boring. In order to be different from the norm people have built their homes out of different things and even built round homes. We found this article about a home that may or may not become available in the future. We hope you enjoy the possibility!

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From the article:

Think of a generic house, and you probably picture something along the lines of a simple children’s drawing: A basic box with a few windows and a door. Even as architectural styles have evolved, the typical form of a home has stayed more or less the same. That’s why, at first glance, it’s hard to tell that this new design from postgraduate architecture student Gonzalo Vaíllo Martínez is a house at all.


The designer wanted to challenge conventional expectations for houses of the near future. “We still have many restrictions imposed by Modernism,” Vaíllo says. “They are embedded in society, even if they are outdated. If you show a picture of the Ville Savoye to somebody who has nothing to do with architecture, he or she will probably still tell you it is an avant-garde house. A house from 1931.”

Vaíllo’s sprawling, fluid home, inspired by microcellular systems and biogenetics, is designed to be made from concrete and 3-D printed panels and frames. The modular system could be adapted for any particular site to match the land’s specific topography; in these renderings, Vaíllo imagined a version sitting between two classic midcentury homes designed by Richard Neutra.

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Interested in Having a Different Home in the Future? Checkout This Idea!
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