Have a Hard Time Balancing Work and Life? Checkout This Dad’s Story!

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Life is hard. Knowing how to balance a busy family with a busy work schedule can be even more difficult if you have a lot going on in one or both parts of your life. Take this dad’s story. He own’s his own company and he’s the father of quadruplets. Learn how he does it here and then hopefully you can learn something to incorporate into your life!

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From the article:

Larry Katzen forged an ambitious career as a leader at one of the world’s most prestigious accounting firms.

But he has been equally ambitious with his family life; he’s the father of quadruplets – three sons and a daughter. And he felt it was important to serve his community, sitting on more than 10 boards of directors.

“It was an incredible challenge and I don’t regret one minute of it!” says Katzen, author of “And You Thought Accountants Were Boring – My Life Inside Arthur Andersen,”, a look at working in one of the world’s most historically important accounting firms while nurturing bonds with his wife and children.

“The quadruplets were born April 22, 1974, before multiple births became fairly common, so we were front-page news and featured on all the national TV news shows,” Katzen says. “But that also tells you there weren’t many other parents who could give us advice, and certainly no internet forums to turn to!”

At the time, Katzen was also working his way up the ladder and taking on new challenges at Arthur Andersen, one of the “Big 8” accounting firms. How did he and his wife, Susan, manage?

“It comes down to sticking to some basic principles: doing the right thing, for one, and listening to your heart,” Katzen says.

He draws on his 35-year career and family life to offer these tips for working parents with multiple children:

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Have a Hard Time Balancing Work and Life? Checkout This Dad’s Story!
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