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Keeping your electricity bill down is important. Do you know ways to keep it down? We found this article about energy efficient windows. We hope you learn some ways to make your windows more energy efficient and as a result lower your electric bill!

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Windows should be double-paned, weather-stripped, and caulked for minimal air transfer when closed. Single-paned or poorly installed windows can let up to 25 percent of your inside heated or cooled air out of the house, wasting the energy it took to create it.

Energy-efficient window treatments
Window treatments help minimize heat transfer from windows. Drapes, blinds, shutters, and shades can all block sunlight from heating up the house on hot days and keep warm or cool air from escaping through leaky windows. Look for eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton and hemp, and shutters made of FSC-certified hardwood. Avoid plastic shutters and blinds, as well as polyester fabrics that won’t biodegrade. Woven shades made of bamboo, reeds, and grasses are another green option, as long as they aren’t treated with oil-based finishes.

Maintain privacy
Placing windows high on a wall allows light to stream in without sacrificing privacy. When these high-placed windows are operable, they can be opened to release the hot air that naturally rises.

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Find Out About Energy Efficient Windows Here!
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