Ever Wonder What Your Child Has For Lunch? Now You Can Find Out!

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You send money with your kids for lunch but how can you know it’s being used to purchase items you want it to be purchased for? The technology now exists for you to get a weekly email with their lunch report card telling you what they ate! We hope you enjoy this article and it comes to your child’s school!

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From the article:

Report cards are a fascinating window into what a school values. It’s a given that students will get grades in the core academic subjects—reading, math, and so on—and that their absences and tardies will be recorded. But the extra skills that students are assessed for say a lot about the educational anxieties of the time and place. In the late 1800s, for example, the Los Angeles City Schools’ report cards graded students in “sloyd”: a form of woodworking that was supposed to prepare schoolchildren for an increasingly industrialized workforce. A Catholic school in Pennsylvania put “Christian Doctrine” at the top of its report cards for the 1916-17 school year—a clear sign of the school’s primary mission.

Similarly the report-card “extras” of today reflect the concerns of the moment. A recent pilot program conducted by Cornell University researchers experimented with giving children “nutrition report cards.” At a K-12 school district in rural New York state, 27 parents received weekly emails describing what their children selected at the school cafeteria.

Here’s what one of these emails looks like:

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Ever Wonder What Your Child Has For Lunch? Now You Can Find Out!
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