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Everyone loves TV and we all have our favorite. This recent article we found has floorplans from some of the most beloved TV shows of all time. Hopefully you will enjoy this article as much as we did and you’ll get some design ideas while your at it!

From the article:

Television has infiltrated the hearts and homes of billions of people across the globe and even for those who wouldn’t consider themselves fanatics, the popularity of particular sitcoms is too hard to ignore, but what of the way viewers have infiltrated the homes of these much-loved characters? One unlikely and clearly gifted, interior designer from the Spanish Basque Country has enabled viewers an intimate insight into the homes they thought they knew so well. Inaki Aliste is said to create this little curiosities in his spare time. It is indeed a wonder he has any, given his obvious skill and incredible eye for detail.

Visualizations and floor plans usually aid a project in its infancy and are indispensable when attempting to conceptualize interior spaces, but Aliste has endowed them with an altogether different function, he has attached to them a sentimentality… a nostalgia. They exist in his mind and on his page as something other than functional… they are inspirational and evocative. It is a privilege to be able to retrospectively view such frequented abodes in a format usually reserved for future design. In this way, they serve as a link to the past… a memory.












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To view all of the floorplans click here:

Design Ideas from the TV – Call 601-264-5028
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