Curious What the Most Popular Closets Look Like? Find Out Here!

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Closets are something that most women think aren’t big enough. If you love to daydream about the closet of your dreams then you’ve come to the right place. We found this article with some of the most popular closets. We hope it helps you design your dream closet!

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From the article:

Shoe bench.
It’s hard to buckle a Christian Louboutin caged 6-inch stiletto or pull up a thigh-high boot. One needs a seat. And apparently a shoe mirror. And probably an assistant. This is also a good spot for a friend or kiddo to sit while you play fashion show.

A closet annex.
No room for a dream closet or even a small walk-in? Sometimes there just isn’t enough space in the main closet. Why dig around for shoes hidden beneath your hanging pants when you can display them in a built-in in your bedroom?

Top-shelf opportunities.
No matter how small your closet, you’ll want to take advantage of height — if you stop at the top rod you may be wasting space.

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Curious What the Most Popular Closets Look Like? Find Out Here!
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