Creative Closet Organization Ideas!

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It’s really hard to keep closets organized. They have to hold so many things and depending on the size and how many people are sharing it it becomes even harder to keep it organized. We found this article with fourteen different organization ideas. We hope they help!

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From the article:

When you’re shopping for a home or an apartment, what’s on your list? A beautiful view, a spacious kitchen, close to parks/schools…? What about closets? It might not always make the top of your shopping list, but a lack of closet space will definitely be noticeable!

I tend to have a love-hate relationship with my clothes closet: love it when it’s organized and Pinterest-beautiful (ha! hardly ever) and hate it when it’s cluttered and I can’t find anything! To help us all find the closet love a little bit more often, we’ve rounded up our favorite creative closet solutions to organize your closet and add the extra room you and your wardrobe need.

First step to organizing your closet: A good old-fashioned spring cleaning closet purge! Toss or donate items that you haven’t worn lately or don’t love anymore. If it’s not in season, find a different storage spot for it. Once you’ve whittled down your wardrobe a bit, evaluate your space and your belongings and decide if you need to organize or if you need to add some extra space with an additional wardrobe or portable closet.

Add storage space to your existing closet
Help your closet live life to the fullest by maximizing the available space:

  • Install shorter shelves in the ends of the closet to put that wasted space to use, like Sawdust and Embryos did. This is a perfect shoe storage solution! (See 10 more great shoe storage ideas.)
  • Build custom wall to wall closet shelves like Karah from The Space Between installed in her closets.
  • Create a custom shelving unit and matching storage boxes to make your space work for you. Imperfectly Polished shared here on Remodelaholic and shows how to build both the shelves and the storage boxes.
  • Add shelving to the inside of your closet doors! Ana White is the genius behind this fabulous idea that adds needed storage and is perfect for a kid’s room.

Looking for more ideas to improve your closet? Then checkout this article with closet organization ideas that could be of interest to you.

Checkout all the ideas here:

Creative Closet Organization Ideas!
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