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Choosing a lot for your new dream home is as important as your home itself.  Your lot will determine your home’s size and shape as well as impact your overall budget, so it makes sense to find your lot and then choose a house plan that will conform to it.

The local real estate advertisements will have listings of lots for sale, but the easiest and quickest way to find a lot in your preferred location is to hire a realtor.  When you have a list of potential lots, walk the lot and the neighborhood.  Consider the price of the lot and the proximity to work, places of worship, and schools.

Most urban lots will have utilities in place.  For suburban and rural lots, inquire about utilities and the cost of having them installed, including permits.  Ask about easements and restrictions on architectural style or sizes of homes.

Get soil and flood plain reports on the land.  The sellers will most likely already have this information.  Listen to the noise level of the lot.  Being close to a major road or under an airport’s flight pattern can make it unpleasant to enjoy your yard or patio.

Finally, make an offer on your lot using comparable values and your budget as a guide.

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Choosing the Right Lot for Your Dream Home – Call 601-264-5028
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