Checkout This Home Built to Withstand a Tsunami!

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Homes are built with a variety of reasons in mind. Other than just the normal, a place to live. We found this article all about this home built with the idea that it would be able to withstand tsunamis. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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From the article:

In 1820, Camano Island, one of the many scattered bits of land along the mouth of Puget Sound, had a piece of its south end break off and slide into the ocean. The violent incident triggered a tsunami that crashed into nearby Hat Island, drowning many of the local Tulalip people.


Fortunately, life in the area since that deadly disaster has been mostly calm. Camano Island today is home to around 13,000 residents, along with roughly 4,000 who come each year in search of a relaxing respite from city life.

On the northern end of the island sits a picturesque 3,140 square-foot waterfront home that lead architect Dan Nelson of Designs Northwest Architects has dubbed the Tsunami House. Standing roughly 30 feet tall, it’s designed to stay erect should a similar chain of events strike just as suddenly. And though no building is tsunami-proof (just as there’s no such thing as an earthquake-proof building), Nelson says that the remodeled structure his team drew up is expected to withstand the impact of high-velocity wave walls with heights of up to eight feet as well as a 7.8 scale earthquake and 85 mph lateral winds.

This was accomplished by positioning the home’s main two floors about nine feet above ground, a unique setup made possible through a series of sturdy support columns strategically located beneath it. A steel frame further reinforces the pillar system. Gaps between the columns are then filled in with clear glass doors that, like garage doors, slide shut from overhead, disguising the lower level as an ordinary room.

I say disguised because all items and materials kept in this “flood room” have been certified waterproof. Here you won’t find any electrical outlets, as all the power is circulated and supplied to the living quarters above. The glass doors are fashioned so that, in the event of a tsunami-like catastrophe, the force of the flooding should cause them to breakaway with ease. Allowing the rush of water to flow through the bottom chamber and out the opposite side disperses the brunt force and reduces pressure on the columns.

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Checkout This Home Built to Withstand a Tsunami!
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